Mission Application Photo

Mission Application Photo

Monday, September 21, 2015

Receiving the Call

This past week was pretty exciting.  On Tuesday, Stan had hernia surgery.  It was supposed to be minor, but he couldn't believe how painful such "minor" surgery was.  The initial procedure wasn't bad and he mentioned how "unremarkable" the whole thing was.  He felt that way until all the painkillers and medication from the procedure wore off about 2 am the next morning.  He was instructed to take a very powerful painkiller earlier during the day but since nothing was happening, who needed it?  As it turned out, he did!  The painkillers did work.  But at the same time, he felt totally "out of it."

On Thursday, we received the anticipated WHITE ENVELOPE from LDS Church headquarters.  We decided to wait until we could gather our family together to open it with them.   As it turned out, we had to do an official opening, TWICE!!!  It was a little difficult managing to express SUPRISE and excitement at the second opening, but we did our best.

So, it is true that we were called to the Ghana, Accra mission to serve as office missionaries.  This was not totally a surprise since we had been communicating with David and Delynn Heid, Mission president and Mission mom of the Ghana Accra mission.  Delynn is Nancy's college roommate and we have been in touch throughout the years.  When Nancy emailed Delynn about our summer activities and mentioned that we had decided to put in mission papers, Delynn and David felt impressed to ask us to consider being an office couple in their mission.  So, on our mission application we put that request.  And so we are preparing to help them in Ghana.  We are grateful that we can serve with someone we know.  We just hope we live up to their expectations!!