Mission Application Photo

Mission Application Photo

Sunday, April 17, 2016

The Routine and Eating

This past week was rather routine.  We spent our time taking care of our office responsibilities and eating.
Elder Morris was a little frustrated by the copier machine!

Elder Falk and Stan inspecting the new "apartment" for the missionaries who come to the mission home overnight.  There are bunk beds, an outdoor kitchen under cover, two new toilets and sinks and a new shower.  The office elders and assistants have a separate apartment which has a new restroom.

On Tuesday evening, we hosted two of our senior couples for dinner.  Nancy made “Connie’s” chicken stuffing dish and it turned out very well.  We thought we would have plenty of leftovers, but John Bodine had a different idea.  He did leave room for the fudge sundae brownies that Carol Sanders made for us to enjoy.  We are going to so miss both couples as they are returning to Utah in about a month.

From the left:  Sarah and John Bodine, Stan, Carol and Larry Sanders

Wednesday evening the Heids asked us to dinner.  They were feeding two sister missionaries who had a dental appointment and were staying in Accra for the Sisters’ Training meeting the next day.  Plus their daughter, Dana, is visiting for a couple of weeks from Idaho and we had not really had a chance to visit with her.  Stan found some pictures of a visit we had with the Heids in 1981 and Dana was laughing about the hair styles.  We also had a few laughs as we rehearsed “meeting our spouses” story for everyone. 

The Heids in 1981!!

On Thursday all of the sister missionaries came to Accra for the Sisters’ Training meeting. Nancy, Sister Heid and the other senior sisters also attended as “guests.”  The young Sister Missionaries actually conducted the meetings and did the training on such topics as using the missionary handbook effectively, the principle of repentance and forgiveness and speaking no guile.  They did an impressive job.  The most exciting thing for Stan was that they had pizza for lunch and the office missionaries were invited!!  We still can’t believe how good the pizza is in Ghana.  Who would think?  To top it off we had Texas sheet cake!!

There were about 30 sisters who attended the training meeting.  The other picture with additional sisters was too dark!

The young sister missionaries were acting out a skit where one was passing on gossip, something all "women" need to avoid.  They really got into their roles and made their point!

Friday evening, we met President Heid, their daughter, Dana, and the Bodines and Sanders at a restaurant called “Lord of the Wings.”  This restaurant is located near the US Embassy and really caters to the American clientele.   You would have thought you were actually in an American establishment with tv screens, exposed ductwork and an outdoor patio area.  We did meet the manager who is Lebanese.  The food was good and the company outstanding.  After dinner we went to the Heid’s for dessert…love that gelato….and games.  Stan was excited to actually win a card game!!

 The Heids in the front, Sanders and Bodines in the back at Lord of the Wings.

The three blondes:  Delynn Heid, her daughter, Dana and Sarah Bodine.  Since Sister Bodine is 18 years younger than Delynn, many people mistake them for mother and daughter.  When Dana was arriving to visit, she said, "move over, Sister Bodine"!!

On Saturday, we made our way to the grocery store to see what was available this week.  It is interesting that it changes all the time.  It is a little like Costco.  You need to go often and purchase things when you see them because the next time you go; they won’t be there.  On the way out of the store we took the elevator down to the parking garage.  On the elevator was a young Chinese couple.  We asked them where they were from.  We were surprised to learn that they were both from Shandong Province and both were very familiar with Jinan and Shandong University, where we taught English two years ago.  They are in Ghana working on a construction project.  Their English was very good.  It was so fun to make their acquaintance.

On Sunday we drove with the Bodines to attend the Tsito Branch.  This congregation is located in the “Bush” about 2 hours to the North.  Before we left, Accra was experiencing a major thunderstorm.  Fortunately, it let up as we were driving and really it didn’t delay us any.  In fact, the absence of traffic, even early on a Sunday, was a pleasant surprise.   The meetings were well organized, started on time and reverent.  We are constantly amazed at the depth of conversion and commitment of these humble followers of Christ.   We enjoyed our experience there very much.  With the earlier rainstorm and the ceiling fans in the building, the temperature was actually pleasant.

The teacher of the young women at the Tsito Branch was ill so Sister Bodine stepped in and gave the lesson.

This week we are off to the northern part of the mission  for a few days to visit some of the apartments, church buildings and learn about the area where the Bodines have lived.  In addition, we are going to a monkey sanctuary and hiking to a waterfall.

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