Mission Application Photo

Mission Application Photo

Sunday, May 22, 2016

Final Farewell to Bodines and Sanders

This week was rather ordinary and routine.  One thing that wasn't "ordinary" was having the Office Elders and Assistants over for dinner on Monday evening.  Nancy cooked a large casserole of Tamale Pie and we watched them devour everything.  Our two Ghanaians couldn't stop talking about how much they loved it.  They had never heard of Tamale Pie, but they are now "converts." 

 The Assistants are on the left and Elder Morris, the office elder, is across the table.  The other office elder, Elder Falk, was taking the picture.

 On Tuesday we attended a District Meeting in Ashalley Botwe, about 30 minutes from our apartment.  Elder Allen is the District Leader.  Elders Smith, Roberts and Pace are closest, Sisters Nwagboso, Maduakolam, Nwagbua and Mash'ak are further down the row.  Somehow Elder Loveridge is not in the picture.  He is from Zimbabwe. 

P.S.  You may have stumbled over the sisters' names as you read them.  It is one of our major challenges to pronounce correctly and remember totally these names.  Whew!

On Wednesday was computer class.  This is our third week of helping with this activity.  Stan "coached" Elder Tafo.  He is one of the very few missionaries who is serving from Ethiopia.  There are a few church branches there but no mission.

 The Assistants and Stan took apart the laminator to remove a jammed certificate.  They burned their fingers, but they actually fixed it.  It was truly a miracle for a principal, a degreed chemical engineer and a wanna be mechanical engineer!!

This week Nancy and Delynn Heid went to stop at a fabric shop that makes purses.  The owner was away for a week, but across the street was a Children's Center with several cute murals.
 All the missionaries living close to the mission home, were invited to a devotional by Elder  Soares.  These missionaries stopped by the office.  From the left:  Elder Nybo, Elder Ndala, Elder Cook, Elder Okiyi, and Elder Pace.

 Elder Soares, a church general authority visiting our Area from Salt Lake City.  He is originally from Brazil.

Our senior missionary couples took some R & R at the end of their mission, before heading back to the US this weekend.  They toured South Africa and went on a safari., etc.  They loved the experience.  Bodines in front, Sanders in the middle and the Keeles, an office couple from the Accra West Mission, in the back. All the couples live in Utah.

Here they are at Victoria Falls.

The Bodines are saying goodbye to Elder Koronikalou and Elder Labeja at the mission home.  We fully loaded up the mission Tro Tro with luggage and took Bodines and Sanders to the airport.  A ten mile trip took 1 hr. 15 minutes because of traffic on a Friday night!

 Our usual Saturday excursion to the grocery story.

 We had to go out on Saturday for some additional food items so went to another grocery story and scored with this find for Honey Lime Enchiladas!

Today we went to church at a location about a half hour away called Agbogba.  Elder Hanberg is waiting for Sunday School class to start.  He has only been on his mission a few weeks.

Elder Pace and Elder Handberg.  We had just had two thunderstorms this weekend which really cooled (well...relatively speaking) the air and we could open the windows for a nice breeze.
 Elder Bergenson greeting Sunday School class members.  The husband spoke English, but the wife only speaks Awi, a local dialect, so the class was conducted in two languages.

This would be the church Nursery Primary class.  The teacher said the kids played so hard that they laid down and fell asleep!

This is the Relief Society (women's organization) President at church.  She was quite a dynamic lady and was "encouraging" participation for a church dance "festival" to be held in July.  She was writing down names of the sisters who volunteered, so they knew to come to the next practice!!!  She wanted both us to come and learn also, but we didn't want to commit!!  The dance is called Kpanlogo, a dance form that began in the early 60's and was influenced by rock and roll.  Music is usually a metal bell, a gourd rattle, and drums.

Our Sunday finished by a trip to a local community hospital about an hour away.  One of our sister missionaries from South Africa had fainted twice this weekend and had been in the ER yesterday under the care of the Heid's supervision.  (Remember our nurse just left for the US!)  Several tests were run but nothing was significant, so they thought she was just dehydrated.   Then she fainted again today at church and was shaking, so Heids asked us to go and support her in the ER.  When we arrived the doctor had given her some seizure medication and ordered an EEG and an EKG that has to be done at another hospital.  So, we transported her and her companion to the mission home where she can stay overnight and get those tests done on Monday.  Plus our Area church MD can be present. We are praying that there is a simple solution.

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