Mission Application Photo

Mission Application Photo

Sunday, July 24, 2016

1/3 of the way to the finish line

On the 18th  of July we noted that we have been on our mission for six months.  Sister Heid says there are 3 H's to coming to Africa:  
1)  The Honeymoon period because everything is new and interesting
2)  Hell because it is not like home and you know you will be here awhile longer
3)  Harmony that you are at peace with your situation.
We think our feelings change throughout the week, but generally we are doing well.

Here are a few highlights from this week.  

We invited the Office Elders and Assistants to dinner since Elder Quarshie, in front of the water dispenser, will be released on 2 August. Nancy made a crock pot of spaghetti sauce, almost 10 cups, and there was only 1 cup remaining!!)

Charles Mensah came to the mission home from the Area Office to set up a special Finance account in Outlook for Stan.  He is a bright young man with a college degree.  He is connected to an outfit in Silicon Valley that specializes in advanced entrepreneur studies. He works for the church currently, but his dream is to attend BYU for his MBA and return to Ghana and start his own business.  We were very impressed with his expertise in many areas. 
Elder Smith, on the left, is our former office elder.  He was right at home doing paperwork applying for renewal of his non citizen card.  However, he prefers being out actually in the mission field!  As of next Tuesday, he will be a Zone leader over several missionaries in his area.
 More elders stopped by the office to fill out paperwork for renewal of their non citizen cards.  After the paperwork is completed, the office elders take them to the renewal office.  Sometimes it is a fast process and other times there is a long wait.

Elder Whiting seems to enjoy having his picture taken.

We stopped by a local market on Saturday and look what we found!  Bob's Red Mill is an Oregon company in the Portland area.

Product of local craftsman displayed along the road.

Beautiful foliage at the mission home.  This was right before a torrential downpour!!.  We were at the mission home to have another dinner Sunday evening with the office elders and AP's.  Yes, they got fed twice this week! 

Sister Heid's mom passed and she will be returning to the states for a few weeks.  She wanted to feed  "our"  missionaries since transfers will happen while she is away, and as mentioned above, Elder Quarshie will be released.  (Sorry we forgot to take photos....just more food pictures anyway!!)

This upcoming week will be extremely busy with two multi Zone Conferences to attend and orienting our arriving senior couple (nurse and her husband).  Plus we leave for a couple of days for some R & R, so stay tuned for pictures!

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