Mission Application Photo

Mission Application Photo

Sunday, December 4, 2016

Thanksgiving Home Evening and "Prophecy" Fulfilled

It was an interesting week...of course, more food pictures, missionaries and meetings.  This posting features the fulfillment of a "prophecy" Stan made not long after we arrived in Ghana.
On Monday evening the senior couples in the Accra area gathered for a post Thanksgiving family home evening.  As usual, there was too much food.  It tasted great, and we actually had turkey!!  Sister Nash and Sister Webster were arranging everything so the line would move quickly!

For the FHE program, Elder Peine, the Area mental Health advisor, (not pictured) had us complete  a questionnaire about our interests.  Could we do them by ourselves if something happened to our spouse?  Could we do them if we lost the use of our limbs?  He wanted us to consider having a variety of hobbies and service activities to keep our lives enriched as we "mature".

Elder and Sister Clark from Dallas, Texas have been helping as volunteer auditors as their senior missionary assignment.  They were to be released in March. However, they are going home the first part of January as they are called to be Mission President/Mission Mom for a three year assignment to an English speaking country as of July 1, 2017.  They should know the location by Christmas.  There are three openings in West Africa...Liberia, Cape Coast and our mission in Accra.  Wouldn't it be fun if they were called to replace the Heids?  We would only be with them about ten days before our release!  Stay tuned!

Sister Masha'k is from Kenya.  She prepared chipatas after our District Council Meeting on Tuesday.  She made the "tortilla".  The filling was tomato, chilies, garden egg and potatoes.  It was good!

Sister Heid met with the sisters in their apartment after DCM to give them some "motherly" advice.  Many were being transferred to new areas this next week and some were going to train new missionaries.

The "elders" posed for this picture.  Elder K on the left developed the formation.  These elders came for computer class and to attend the temple.

His Car
Stan predicted we would get hit sometime before we left Ghana.  Motorists generally don't look before changing lanes, etc. and just expect people behind them to let them in and adjust.  We were in slow merging traffic on the way to the mission office and got crunched from behind.  Fortunately, the church fleet assistant manager passed us in traffic and was able to assist us. 

The "offender" was a doctor at a local hospital.  It was the first car he has owned.  His car was not drivable and later we found out that the battery had become disconnected.  Nancy was taking pictures, but Stan was in the car "visiting" and getting to know the doctor and his wife.  The doctor called later that day to make sure we were ok. 

Our Truck
On Thursday we had Missionary Leadership Council.  President Heid asked Stan to emphasize that we "teach PEOPLE not LESSONS."   We did an activity to get to know one another better by asking good questions and then listening for two minutes.  They seemed to enjoy it and really did learn new things about each other.  This is a technique they can use to get to know investigators.

 Sister Jones, our mission nurse, is always giving tips for the missionaries.

 The nativity at the Ghana Accra Temple grounds.

Sister Nash (on the left) accompanied Sister Heid and Nancy to Palace, a store where we could make household purchases for the new senior missionary couple coming this week.  Sister Nash is originally from Seattle.  Her husband is in the Africa West Area Presidency.  Their last assignment was 4 years in Peru.  They anticipate spending five years in Ghana.  It truly speaks to their devotion and willingness to do what the Lord, through His servants, asks them to do.

 Sister Heid knows all the great lunch places.

 This was our "haul".  We reminded our selves that we had fun and did service this day.  Check out Mormon.org for ideas on how to "Light the World"....25 ways in 25 days.

Early Saturday morning is a great time to drive to grocery shop.  We had to laugh at the saying on the bumper of the taxi.  "In case of reckless driving phone.....".  The taxi drivers are among the worst drivers in Ghana.  They think they own the road and the right of way.

Purchase of a Kente table runner at a local market.  We decided it would decorate our apartment as a wall hanging for now.

On the way to church this morning there was a huge political rally.  There were thousands of people taking up the entire road with no traffic control.   We inched along and took the first opportunity to turn around.  The election is on Wednesday.  Everyone is praying that it will be peaceful.  So far it has been ok. 

This evening was a Departure devotional for two sisters and two elders. (Due to the election, the Area Presidency asked us to move up departure dates by one day and make sure all the incoming missionaries from the MTC were in their areas prior to the voting.) They are from Cote d'Ivoire, Nigeria and Namibia. The sister missionary, Sister Swartbooi, with the long blue dress has a two year degree in library science.  She is accepted at the university to complete a 4 year degree in that field along with a double major in either geography or history.  Elder Uche with the red tie is leaving his mission a few months early to complete some tests for his degree in computers.

Between attending church and transferring missionaries to different areas, Sister Heid chose to make it a simple Sunday dinner to honor those being released.  Hot dogs, fruit and plantain chips were on the menu.  Tomorrow morning several of us are to be at the MTC at 8 am to pick up eleven new missionaries with all their luggage!!

Sister Heid, Sister Pace, and Sister Jones had a fast dinner prepared for the missionaries. Sister Jones forgot her apron!! It was our service for the day!

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