Mission Application Photo

Mission Application Photo

Sunday, January 8, 2017

Ghana Presidential Inauguration

This week the highlight was the Inauguration of a new president in Ghana on Saturday.  The election was hotly contested and there were allegations on both sides that the election was "rigged."  In spite of all of that, the election was orderly and peaceful.  In the commentary, on TV and otherwise, they were pleased that Ghana has once again been an example to the nations of Africa that nonviolent changes of power are possible.   They were very happy about that and were seriously patting themselves on the back as the only African nation able to pull it off.   
President Nano Akufu Addo takes the oath of office.  Those kente cloth tribal "robes" are heavy and the judges were wearing wigs.  It was hot outside!!

The sign says Ghana Has Won Again.  Peaceful Elections and Transition

Ghana has many problems and the people have high expectations for improvement. Corruption is a priority and the new president has committed to make big changes. Education, infrastructure and health care are also hot topics.  Everyone is trying to be optimistic.  
We were invited to the MTC for an African Attire Party on Monday afternoon.  Many Area Office employees had the day off due to the New Year's observance.  We "skipped" out of the office to join them!!  The Tibbets were given their banners as they will be leaving Africa this week after their one year assignment at the MTC.  They met the Brubakers, on the outside of the picture, when they served together on a mission in Belgium.
Some of the symbols on the banner represent:  Hands to Work, Hearts to God, Love is the Key..

 Many couples dressed in African attire.

 As usual, there was plenty to eat!!

 Aba's husband demonstrated how to wear the Kente cloth.

Aba is the head cook at the MTC, and made a great sweet and sour chicken dish for our buffet.  Here she demonstrated various ways some African women wrap their heads in a scarf.
 Another demonstration was how to wrap a baby on your back!!

And of course, the infamous act of balance many items on your head!!

Sister Clark tried to balance the apples also.  Maybe that is a talent she can take to Liberia where she and her husband will service as Mission President/Mission Mom effective July 1, 2017.

 We attended Dodowa District Council Meeting.  President Heid wanted us to read and discuss the mission guidebook together.

These elders were being interviewed by the President and attending the temple.  Henry, not in the white shirt, is a Returned Missionary and computer technology specialist.  President has received notice that missionaries need to be interviewed by him every six weeks.  With 180 missionaries, that will require some creative scheduling!

Saturday evening we invited John and Jen Ezell to dinner along with the Websters, whom we met in the MTC.   We became acquainted with John when were on the plane to Mole as we traveled to see the elephants the end of July.  He works for the US Embassy as a Financial Controller for US Aid to West Africa.  We have kept in touch and finally found a date that worked for everyone.  Jen's parents live in Grants Pass, Oregon!!

 Harmattan is still with us.  Notice the dust!!

 Stan attended church with the Jones's today as Nancy had a bad cold.  These elders work hard!

Following church, Stan and the Jones's went to a local hospital to visit Gilbert, our maintenance manager.  He scared us this week with a potential heart attack.    Turned out to be double pneumonia.  He is on the mend, thank goodness! He still may need to be in the hospital for another five days.  Stan and Wayne were "sweltering" in the waiting room!!


  1. Your comments about the election being "rigged" reminded me of what is being said about our election here in the U.S.

  2. Looking at your photos of the MTC Ghanaian day, made me wish we had gone.