Mission Application Photo

Mission Application Photo

Sunday, March 19, 2017

Crowded office and out to Koforida...back in the bush! Plus Update on Mali

President had about 50 missionaries come to Accra midweek to attend the temple, to have interviews, and to attend computer class.  Some stayed overnight because of the distance. Since the mission home is not their proselyting area, they often end up in the office emailing home and visiting for a few hours.

These elders are from the Koforidua Area.  Our new AP is Elder George, the elder on the extreme right.  We had the office elders and AP's to dinner this week at our apartment, but forgot to take a picture.  
We attended a Burma Hills District meeting on Tuesday with these missionaries.  Elder Afoa, the Islander, gave instruction about how to prepare people for baptism and confirmation.  Elder Magda is our new office elder, and he is the blonde in the back.  We have three office elders currently since we have uneven numbers in the mission until the next transfer.  President prefers to have them in the office rather than trying to have a threesome doing missionary work.  The office elders do proselyte too, but have office duties 3/4 of the time.

This week we made a "cleaning" visit to a dentist that was trained in the UK   It is a modern office and we found our church publication, the Liahona, on the magazine table.  The dentist gets a lot of business from the two church missions in Accra.  Someone is always having dental issues!
Saturday, the Jones's, wanted to make a supply run to Koforidua and asked us to go along for the drive.  We left at 10 am and returned to Accra at 6pm.  We inspected apartments, checked on the missionaries, and enjoyed the scenery outside the city.  Elder Joshua and Elder Palu needed some fans and a new bike.

 Elder Bergeson and Elder Harris, former AP, are the Zone Leaders in Koforidua.  They "supervise" about 24 missionaries in the area.

This wood carving was on several doors in one of the missionary apartments.   We are not sure what it represents and what they might be trying to harvest.

Elder Ezama and Elder Crosby were at the Oyoko chapel preparing for a baptismal service and we dropped off supplies for their apartment.  Sister Jones, mission nurse, has standard questions she asks all the missionaries....Are you taking your Doxy? (for prevention of malaria), do you use your mosquito nets?, and how much water are you drinking a day?, etc.!!

Notice the rolling hills in the background.

Sunday we worshiped at the Sun City 2 Ward, which is about 45 minutes from our apartment and across the motorway from the MTC.  Imagine our surprise to see these young men accompanying the congregational singing.  Calvin, with the bow tie, is 10 years old and Justin, is age 8!!  They did quite well.  

The Sacrament service honored 175 years of the church women's organization, called "Relief Society".  There were about 35 sisters who sang a hymn and three gave talks or testimonies.  After church the sisters served "pie", but it had a meat filling. 

Update on Mali:  Two members of the Africa West Area Presidency, Elder Nash and Elder Vinson along with the Area Attorney, Ryan Richards, went north to see how the saints are doing in Mali. Last Sunday, there were over 130 people in attendance; mostly children.  You might recall that in August a family and one of their friends came to Ghana from Mali so they could be taught the gospel and be baptized.  They were among the very first members in this country.  The Church is not yet recognized in Mali so missionaries are not allowed to work there or establish a formal organization.  For now, they are a "group" and meet weekly at a chicken farm having permission from the Area Presidency to administer the sacrament. The presidency has been meeting with government officials hoping to continue the process of receiving official recognition.  

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