Mission Application Photo

Mission Application Photo

Sunday, April 2, 2017

Mission Audit PLUS

Stan was "looking forward" to a scheduled MISSION AUDIT this week.   But, before his Thursday 8-9 hour meeting, we did a few other interesting things.

On Monday, we went to a special luncheon sponsored by the Websters, the executive secretaries to the Area Presidency, who are returning to their home in Australia in a few weeks.  Since the entire Area Presidency was in Utah for conference, it was a great opportunity to have all the senior couples meet and "play" while the "cats are away."  Eating, as usual, was the main purpose for this event but additionally, Elder Webster showed a video about a fellow "Aussie" who was doing some great humanitarian work in Cambodia. The Church had recently presented Scott Neeson with an award recognizing him for his efforts.  Scott had the "Hollywood" life and gave it up to help children in Cambodia.  It is an incredible story.

Here is the link to Scott's website:  


On Monday, we also attended our regular FHE at the Temple President's apartment.  This week we were instructed about doing Family history in England by our Medical Advisor, Elder Anderson.  We also learned some unique things about the original church extraction program from Elder Eaton, who arrived in Ghana only a few weeks ago.   The Eatons are from Coeur d'Alene, Idaho.

Tuesday, Nancy and Sister Heid attended a District Council Meeting in Danfa.  Stan had some pressing tasks at the office so he stayed there with President Heid.  The District Leader had a fun activity.  He had each companionship take the role of a prospective investigator and a missionary.  The missionary could only ask questions  and not personally comment ...."How did you feel when you read a few scriptures from the Book of Mormon? Tell me about your religious background?  What do you believe about.....?  This went on five minutes and then the two partners switched roles.  It caused all of us to try to use follow-up questions to get more information. 

This week Stan noticed that he hadn't seen many of his early-morning friends and that he needed to photograph them when he saw them.  This photo is Edmund.  He is a guard at an insurance company facility not too far from our apartment and is a very nice man.  

On Thursday, Stan met with Prosper Kassah, the assigned auditor from the Area Office.
Stan did not know what to expect at this meeting.   Then again, what can you possibly expect from a volunteer without any real accounting knowledge and/or experience?  It was a bit nerve-wracking when Prosper began pulling out records going back to a time period before we arrived and was looking at every little detail.  Though it began a little tense, it ended in "good form."    Wish we had a photo of Prosper.  Stan learned much from him.  He wished he could have met with him at the beginning of this assignment instead of at the end!!

Stan did take a picture of Bubbah, our apartment "guard."  He lives in the most basic of circumstances.  He is doing his laundry under the banana plants.  Those were toppled during a storm a few months ago and have already grown quite high!!

On Friday, the Haglunds, one of our senior missionary couples in the bush, returned from the US and some family matters that needed their attention.  We are so glad they are back. They brought us a special treat from home. We were very excited!

Friday, we went out to dinner, (yes, again), with the Hills, (MTC couple), the Munro's, (office couple for the West Mission), and the Jones's.  Stan actually had a steak.  The food at Bistro 22 is outstanding!

Saturday, the Lambert's from the West Mission, invited us to a Miniature Golf competition between our mission and their mission.  We were unaware of this nice mini golf facility only a few miles from our apartment. We had a good time, even though it was still very, very HOT.

From the left:  Jones's, Lambert's and Pace's.  Interesting to note that Sister Jones and Elder Lambert served their "young" missions together in England.  Sister Jones is from Scotland and Elder Lambert from Utah.  Sister Lambert is also from England.  She was a convert of Elder Lambert's and after his return from his mission, they started to date and married.

After golf, and before General Conference began, we were able to to some grocery shopping and stop at the "American Store."  Stan stocked up on Costco popcorn and Cheetos.  (Comfort Food).

We enjoyed the Saturday Morning and Afternoon sessions of General Conference.  We are so glad we can tune in and be part of the proceedings.  Three new Area Seventies from Ghana were sustained during the Saturday afternoon session.  Elder Egbo is currently the director of Seminaries and Institute for the Africa West Area.  Elder Quaisie is currently the Stake President of the Ghana Christianborg Stake, the boundaries within which we live. Elder Kaku is from Cape Coast, Ghana, but he is currently serving as Mission President of the Nigeria Port Harcourt mission until July.  

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