Mission Application Photo

Mission Application Photo

Sunday, October 2, 2016

Preparing for General Conference

As we work on the post for this week, we are listening to the LDS semi-annual General Conference.  We feel so grateful that the technology exists, in this far-away land, for us to participate and be edified by the words of inspired leaders.  Sometimes it easy to become "swallowed up" in the business of our mission, and miss the big picture.  We feel so blessed to be part of the spreading forth of the restored gospel of Jesus Christ to the people of this good nation even in a very small way.  We have learned much about them and about ourselves.  We marvel at their strength and faith in circumstances that most of us would not tolerate.  It is truly humbling.

At Priesthood session last night, Elder Curtis, who was recently released as the Africa West Area President, was one of the speakers.  He shared two stories of Saints in Ghana both dealing with the Book of Mormon.  His examples are typical of those we have also heard.  These humble followers of Christ teach us much about living by the spirit and acting upon the promptings they receive.  It is also a another evidence of God's love for all his children.  His message is so clear that if we want to know what is good and what is true, He will manifest the truth through the Holy Ghost if we but ask with "a sincere heart, with real intent, having faith in Christ."

 Elder LaGrand Curtis
Elder Curtis greeting some Ghana police officers at a meeting.

Sister Heid and Nancy attended a District Council Meeting in Dodowa District, north of Accra about 40 minutes.  We had a discussion about obeying God's commandments and Sister Heid gave a thought about trying to be more than a "natural" man...controlling our anger, pride, etc.  We also sang Happy Birthday to Elder Mehnpaine, the elder with the glasses.
This was on the bulletin board in the Relief Society room in Dodowa, the Danfa Branch.  The sheep had a sister's name written on it and the area where she lives.  Sounds like they are trying to be shepherds to the sheep in their flock!!

On the way back to Accra, we delivered mail to these elders.  They were very happy.

Crazy traffic.  To the side and back of our car was a police vehicle with lights flashing.  No one could move to let him get by.

We have had rain nearly every day this week.  These little fellows love crawling up our door and "sliming" their way under the door.  We have had to "escort" more that a few, out of the apartment!!

Yes, eating again!!.  We were invited by the Websters, pictured here, to a noon luncheon with an Australian touch.  They wanted to host us while they had some "free" time.  They are senior missionaries assisting the Africa Area West Presidency, who are currently in Salt Lake City for General Conference. Elder Webster practiced his nonalcoholic drink bar tending skills with fruit cordial and lemon lime soda, a favorite in Australia.

Following the luncheon we watched a short 60 Minutes segment called "Lost and Found". It was about a young man from India who was separated from his mom at the age of 5, adopted by a family in Tasmania and was reunited with his mom after he was in his late 20's.  It was a tear jerker!!

Cheese was from Australia, carried to Africa by a son who visited a few weeks ago.

This was great tasting liquorice from Australia.

We celebrated the birthday of our mission facilities manager by having muffins for our weekly Office Council Meeting.  The mission cat was very interested in the goodies!

Some of the many missionaries that stopped by the Mission Office this week to renew their non-citizen cards and attend the temple.  We always enjoy the chance to visit with them. and feel their enthusiasm.

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