Mission Application Photo

Mission Application Photo

Sunday, October 30, 2016

Farewell to our Elder "Obey"

This week we bid farewell to eight missionaries, including Elder "OBEY," and welcomed 18 new missionaries from the Ghana MTC.  As mentioned in our last blog, they represent many different countries in Africa.  It is amazing to us that these young people can come from such varied backgrounds and circumstances and most generally get along well and work hard together.

Most of those departing were Nigerians.  Elder Osei-Brobbey, or Elder OBEY as we called him, was an exception.  He is from Ghana.  We will miss all of them but especially Elder Obsei-Brobbey who was in the office for many months and who returned to his family 4 hours away in Kumasi.  We are hopeful that we might see him again during the next few months.  We will miss him.

 Elder Osei-Brobbey was an Assistant to the President in the mission office.

Elder Osei-Brobbey's sister, and her husband, came to accompany him home on the VIP bus.

With all the transfers, departing and incoming missionaries, many were at the Mission Office this week.  As you can see, Elder "Obey", is loved!!

Elder Koronikalau, from Fiji is taking Elder Osei-Brobbey's place as Assistant to the President. 

Elder Koronikalau has an interesting story.  He lives on an island in Fiji owned by his parents.  On the island they grow crops and raise cattle.  On one end of the island they have built a vacation resort.  But he is not that interested in helping run the resort.  He wants to further his education and then become a pilot.

On another note, Elder Koronikalau loves the sport of Rugby.  In fact, he gave up a lucrative opportunity to play professionally.  We are looking forward to learning more about him. 

 Our two mission nurses.  Sister Jones and Sister Dadzie with her daughter.  Sister Dadzie answers phone calls regarding medical concerns, especially from the Africans.  She helped before Sister Jones arrived and has continued to "volunteer" for the mission.  It is something she can do while being a mom.

On Sunday we attended Stake Conference in Tema, about 30 minutes away.  The talks were very good and everyone was so attentive, even though the temperature in the church was at least 90 degrees.  "Members who sweat together, stick together."  I guess we are just getting used to it because it wasn't too bad.  We did notice, however, that it was cooler standing outside in the sun.

The Stake President spoke specifically to the topic of the upcoming election here in Ghana.  For the last 9 months we have been seeing signs and posters encouraging voters to cast their ballots and to maintain order and peace.  Interestingly, Ghana has had few problems during elections the past 3 elections and the transition of power has been good.  But in Africa, that is not the norm. 

The Stake President admonished the saints to learn the issues and vote for those worthy of their support.  He acknowledged that the traditions perpetuated in African government are not what they should be.  He said the people in government are, for the most part, corrupt and are there only for their own personal benefit and not the benefit of the people they represent.  (Sounds a little like what we are facing in the US).  He said that by living more fully the Gospel of Jesus Christ is the only way to effect change in Ghana. 

 Another sign says, "We need peaceful elections.  We have only one Ghana.

 This is actually a 4-lane road.  Fortunately, we were heading the right direction.

 On our way to church a major road was blocked by those marching for the current Ghanaian President, Mahama.   The marchers are actually occupying the entire opposing lane of traffic.  There were no policeman or road signs to indicate that cars would have difficulty getting through the area.


  1. I like your elections report! I can hardly wait for ours to be done!

  2. As usual, we certainly continue to enjoy your blogs and knowing you are doing so well!! All is very well with us and we have a lot to be grateful for as we anticipate Thanksgiving with all our family!����