Mission Application Photo

Mission Application Photo

Sunday, November 6, 2016

Hosting "company" and visiting Woodcarvers on the way to Koforidua

We had a variety of experiences this week.  We hosted the mission nurse and her husband from the Ghana Kumasi Mission, "endured" the traffic through the Ashaiman Market, attended District Council and Missionary Leadership Council, and then spent the weekend in the Koforidua area.
We met with the missionaries in the Agbogba District on Tuesday, an area that is about a half hour from our apartment. We enjoyed their emphasis on building relationships with their companions. When they are in harmony with each other, they are more likely to be effective in teaching investigators.
Lynn and Tess Wardle came to Accra from the Ghana Kumasi Mission this week.  Lynn, a retired high school teacher, helps with apartment issues in their mission and Tess is the mission nurse.   We were happy to host them and share experiences, especially since they are from the Pacific Northwest!! (Tacoma, Washington area.)  They were thrilled they could find A & W root beer at the American store.  Lynn was showing off his balancing act.  The person in the background was laughing at Lynn's imitation of the Africans!

 We thought our neighbors, the Jones's, would enjoy meeting the Wardles since they have similar mission assignments.  We had to have food!!   Sister Jones and Sister Wardle are the only mission nurses in the Africa West Area.   We are EXTREMELY fortunate.

 Missionaries were in the office....renewing non-citizen cards, attending computer class and checking out what arrived in the mail!  A US mom had sent a package to her son's companion, who is African! 

 We have not actually seen these modern housing developments, but they are being advertised.

President and Sister Heid were away for a Mission President's seminar this week.  President needed us to transport some missionaries, so we "braved" the Ashaiman Market Area in order to reach the missionary apartment.  It was "impossible."  Fortunately, the elders knew an alternative way for our return!!

We were "stuck" and couldn't go anywhere for several minutes since there were two trucks blocking the way unloading merchandise!

 Two elders were being transferred.

Since the mission presidents were out of the area most of the week, the Munro's, the office couple from the Ghana West Mission, invited Wayne and Meg Jones and us to dinner. (Yes, more food).  We were quite the group....Meg with her Scottish accent, Wayne with a little Canadian accent, Munros' from Australia and us from the US.

 Sister Munro was showing off the nice setting of their neighborhood.

We are a little jealous of some mission couples who have pools at their complex.  The mission home does not have a pool and neither do we!  However, we are always "invited" to take a dip!!
 This is a Ghanaian Political Party Sign in a traffic roundabout.

 Gathering at Missionary Leadership Council.  Stan is with Meg and Wayne Jones at the back.

Our new AP, Elder Koronikalou, shared thoughts at our Missionary Leadership Council.  He showed a short video about a man who had changed his life after serving time in prison. Elder K said he has personally changed because he came on a mission and is striving to become a better follower of Christ.

 Sister Heid had a break out session with the Sister Trainer Leaders.  (Two were on the opposite side of the room, but there was not enough light to show their faces!!)  Sister Heid complimented them on organizing exchanges with other sister missionaries so they can help and encourage missionary work.

 President asked us to check on the senior missionary home in Koforidua, about 1 1/2 hours from Accra.  It is only occupied by a caretaker since we do not have a senior couple there at this time.   We took our neighbors, the Jones'.  On the way we stopped at Aburi and walked around a Wood Carving Village.  The talent is amazing!

 This carver was demonstrating his "vision" of this wood creation.  At the top he is carving an elephant.  There will also be a snake, crocodile, etc.

We also took a short trip to Boti Falls.  We had been there earlier this summer, but some of the foliage had been removed and the view was better this time around.

 Sister Jones reported there were 241 steps to climb up from the falls!

 We wanted President Heid to know we did do some work this weekend!

We attended the Asokore Branch this Sunday.  It is part of the Ghana Accra Mission and the Koforidua District.   Elder Buys, a Zone Leader, learned sign language earlier on his mission and is able to interpret for a deaf investigator in Sunday School class.  Elder Buys also played the electronic organ for worship services.  He is a talented young man!

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