Mission Application Photo

Mission Application Photo

Sunday, November 20, 2016

Starting to Think About the Holidays and Cultural Festival

This week we had opportunity to catch up.  As explained in our last blog entry, we had no internet for most of last week which included using our office phones or having the ability to print documents. Many tasks did not get done.  But now, everything is up and running, and actually better than before.
We have a few random photos to share...

 We are constantly amazed at what is transported on vehicles!

The themes of the election are not so different than they are in the States.  The Ghana election is only 3 weeks away.  We are curious about how all this will turn out.  We constantly hear prayers for peace, although Ghana has not usually had any issues.  To be on the safe side, the Area Presidency moved missionary transfers up one day so everyone would be in their new location before the election.

Our Assistant to the President and one of our office elders found a "deal" on ties in the market.

Elder Koronikalou has a driver's license from Fiji.  He was able to get a Ghanaian license so he can legally drive here in the mission.  In the process he found out he needed glasses!

Elder Art from Arizona and Elder Afoa from Australia stopped by the office.

Sister Heid loves Christmas.  She is determined to make the mission home look like Disneyland.

We actually found a turkey at the grocery store for Thanksgiving.  It was $70 US.  Since it is a 'work" day for us, we decided to  prepare something else that was less expensive and less time consuming.  At least we had a choice!!

Saturday one of the Stakes in our mission put on their annual Cultural Celebration.  Most of
the wards participated.  Most of the presentation was based on various tribal festivals and dances. There was a lot of hip movement and drumming!!

The tribal chief took his place to observe the festival that was being .

Part of this festival included casting their fishing nets.  Others had purification ceremonies, hunting and drumming.  One festival from the Northern Region of Ghana celebrated Muhammad with dances for 18 days plus women and children were given money.

 This festival required a sacrifice of a ram.  (A goat was substituted....and was not sacrificed!)

One of our missionaries, Elder Bell, participated.  He really got into the dancing!  And the members loved it!

We hope the video will play so you can see a short demonstration of what we watched.

On Sunday we concluded our week by attending a church broadcast from Salt Lake City to the Africa West Area, which included 16 countries, 72 Stakes and 45 Districts.  The first stake in this area was established in 1988 so the growth has been tremendous.  

Several speakers, including an African, encouraged members to adopt the culture of the gospel and avoid tribal customs that were in conflict.  Specifically mentioned was the tradition of delaying marriage, sometimes for years, until a bride price could be paid to the bride's parents.  One of our guards has been dating a young lady for two years.  They want to marry, but the parents are insisting on a bride price.  (We understand that in most situations the entire extended family generally wants some compensation.)  Fortunately, our guard, was able to talk to his future father-in-law and reach a reasonable agreement.  They will be married in December and we are invited!

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