Mission Application Photo

Mission Application Photo

Sunday, November 13, 2016

Meetings, Meetings, Meetings and Politics in Ghana

We had an interesting week.  As we arrived at the mission office on Monday morning, we learned that we had no internet.  It remained that way for most of the week.  We are so dependent on internet technology it is unnerving.  We had no phone service, could not print, and we could not use the church mission finance system or any system.  Things came to a screeching halt.  Even getting money from the bank was difficult.  The "techies" at the Area Office finally determined that it would be best to disconnect our "intercom" phones from the Area Office plus reposition a dish that helps with our internet service. Friday, things were back in order and we tried, unsuccessfully, to catch up. 

The elections in Ghana are on December 7.   Street lights, trees, etc., are wrapped in the colors of particular political parties.  This week we saw various political rallies, fortunately they are peaceful.  On Sunday morning we noticed a four lane "highway" full of people walking in favor of a particular party.  Again, there were no policeman and traffic just had to weave their way through the crowd.

As a side note, as we were exercising after the US Election on Wednesday morning, we saw Ghanaian security guards gathered around a truck listening to a radio with ABC News or some similar US news outlet.  The next day it was back to Ghanaian radio stations!

 This sign says that 48% of the youth are unemployed.

This truck encouraged a vote for a particular candidate.  It was driving in the bush with huge loudspeakers in the bed of the truck.  Most of the time in the bush a tribal language is spoken so we have no idea what is being broadcast.

Two days this week were dedicated to Multi-Zone Conferences.  Four city Zones and one country Zone met in the city on Tuesday.  The other two "bush" zones and one city zone met on Thursday in the "bush."  We had no specific assignment for these meetings but found ourselves on the agenda anyway.  Nancy did a nice job relating how it had just been a US election and we had the freedom to vote.  She was grateful that Heavenly Father's Plan allows us the agency to choose right from wrong.   Stan thought he made a fool out of himself, but everyone enjoying singing a song he learned in Boy Scouts.  It sounded Indian, but he "translated" the nonsensical words to give a message about being obedient missionaries.  

We enjoyed mingling with the missionaries.  It gave us another opportunity to get to know them and work on memorizing their names.  The President asked each zone to prepare a 5-minute skit to share.  These were to be based on scripture.  They did not have a lot of time to prepare these, but they still turned out pretty good; very entertaining and fun.  The African's actually really get into them.

Washing feet as an act of service and humility.

 Moses and an Angel

The Tower of Babel

Elder Bullie is from Sierra Leone.  He has a mission call to the Cape Town Mission in South Africa and will enter the MTC in Johannesburg on December 29.  The Area Office asked President Heid if he could work with our missionaries temporarily as it would be more convenient to be close to Accra to secure a visa.

We are starting to see Christmas decorations in the stores.  This tree was in the Marina Mall.  We couldn't help but take a picture. 

Friday evening a group of 20 of us went out to dinner at the Noble House, a Chinese restaurant not far from the mission home.  The one order of rice for us was over the top.  Nancy is holding the leftovers we brought home.  The food there was very good

On Sunday, we drove back into the "bush" for the Korforidua District Conference.  Elder Stanfill, 2nd counselor in the Area Presidency and a Seventy, was the presiding authority.  He encouraged the saints to live the gospel more fully, especially the Law of Tithing and prepare to become a Stake.  The district now has 11 units.  Who knows, maybe they will become a Stake before we return home.  There were nearly one thousand in attendance.

Sister Stanfill spoke of her experience joining the church.  She had the Primary children stand and then the youth.  She asked them to "serve" someone.  When she was 11 years old, and lonely,  a girl named Allison approached Sister Stanfill and offered to be her friend.  Soon Sister Stanfill was attending church and activities with Allison.  At age 15, Sister Stanfill went to a Youth Conference where a young man encouraged her to read the Book of Mormon.  She followed his suggestion and gained a testimony of the restored gospel.  Brother Stanfill said she was glad she had joined the church as they met at BYU and have been happily married.

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