Mission Application Photo

Mission Application Photo

Sunday, February 19, 2017

Angels Watching Over Them

Monday, we received word that four of our missionaries were involved in a vehicle accident near Akuse. (Akuse is located about 2 hours northeast of Accra and is part of the Kpong District).   The missionaries, themselves actually informed us that they were ok, but that there were injuries.  The four of them were riding in a taxi toward Akuse to see the missionaries there and to have an activity.  The taxi hit a pothole and blew a rear tire.  The driver over corrected and the taxi rolled over.  No one but the driver was wearing a seat belt, so all four missionaries were thrown to the roof of the car and then into each other as it flipped over. (Only drivers are required to wear seat belts and taxi drivers cut them out of their vehicles!!) Fortunately, everyone stayed inside.  A good Samaritan stopped and transported them to a local hospital.  At the hospital, the medical team bandaged them up, took X rays, and saw no major injuries. President Heid immediately asked our mission nurse, Sister Jones and her husband, to drive to Akuse, pick up our missionaries, take them to their apartment, pick up some clothing, and to bring them to Accra. Within a few hours they were at the mission home and under our care.  They were again assessed by our Area Physician and further treatment administered.  One of the missionaries had some cuts from the glass but most were just seriously bumped and bruised.  They were extremely fortunate, given the circumstances.  We truly believe that the angels were watching over them. (Remember we had a mission truck totaled a few weeks ago when missionaries hydroplaned during a rainstorm.  We have been doubly blessed with no injuries in these recent two incidents.)

Three of the missionaries are back in their areas at this writing.  For one of them, however, President Heid requested that he say a few more days.  He was suffering from a concussion and President felt he needed a little more time to recuperate.  

We are so glad they are doing well and are dealing with this traumatic experience with strength and courage.

Elder Radmall on the left, Elder Winborg in the middle, and Elder Buehner were ready for some fun for P Day.  This was five minutes before the accident.  Elder Eduok was in the front seat.
Elder Radmall and Elder Winborg are doing ok, but needing rest.

 We had a major downpour this week.

We celebrated Valentine's Day with some young and 'senior" missionaries. We had two sister missionaries being released from their mission.  President had their District come to the mission home for their weekly meeting and for the departure devotional. The mission office provided pizza. Nancy had made red velvet cupcakes to share also.  That evening we went to dinner with the Heids and Jones's. Our first choice for a restaurant required "reservations", even though only four people were in the restaurant.  So, we went to "Lord of the Wings", where we often celebrate lunch with departing missionaries.

Sister Owoses and Sister Ohanga were Sister Training Leaders. Sister Owoses returned to Namibia and Sister Ohanga to Kenya.

Justice Acquah, his fiancee, Brenda, and her sister, Abigail, stopped by to see us at the mission office.  Justice is a supply chain student at the Polytechnic School in Ho and lives at the Ho couple's home.  He cares for the property since there is no senior couple there, plus he does apartment maintenance for the young missionaries in that area.  His fiancee studies fashion design here in Accra.  They both have two years remaining before they finish their degrees. Then marriage!  Abigail has two more years to become a physician's assistant.

President asked us to take a few missionaries to a Tro-Tro Station, which is only a few miles from the mission office.  It was "lights out" in that section of town, so the routine short drive took 45 minutes.  On the way back we noticed this building and believe it is connected to the National Lottery.
The Fortune House is actually in the main business section of downtown Accra.  There are modern buildings as well as vendors everywhere!

The Movenpick is a very nice hotel.  We get our mission medications at the pharmacy there and have eaten at the dinner buffet.

And, at every intersection there are Tro-tros and hawkers.

Our two AP's went on missionary exchanges for a couple of days in Ho, "out in the bush". They checked in with missionaries stationed in that area and offered suggestions and support. They came back to the office with a nut called "yoye", although we could find nothing by that name on the internet!!  You suck on the seed inside, which has a lemon flavor, and then you discard it because it is too hard to eat!  You would break a tooth!

Friday night we ate at a restaurant called "Burgers and Relish".  Our office counterparts in the Ghana Accra West Mission, Elder and Sister Monro, thoroughly enjoyed their snicker bar milkshake.  They are from Australia and we assist each other when we have office questions!
This is some of the scenery on the way back from church today in Ashaiman, which is about 45 minutes from our apartment.  The church is in a nice home in the middle of vendor "shacks" and a dirt thoroughfare with many Tro-tros and taxis!!

Sunday is a great day to drive on the Tema Motorway.  There is less traffic, so we don't have to dodge slow trucks in the left lane, etc.  The road is being widened, which is greatly needed during peak travel times.

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