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Mission Application Photo

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

January 31 Storm

Every October 12th in Oregon, we are reminded, by the media, that in 1962 the NW experienced a dangerous storm that ripped through the area, causing considerable damage and flooding.  Here in Accra, we had a major unexpected storm on January 31st. We had thunder, lightening, heavy rain, and major wind for a couple of hours.  Stan had to use a screwdriver and duct tape to hold our porch door from flying open!!  Billboards came down, the roof was ripped from the Parliament building, and large trees fell, as well as power lines. Some areas of the city had major electricity outages.  A few missionary apartments did not have power for two or three days.  At our complex, we lost power for about 8 hours.  Thank goodness for our backup generator!!  We were told six very tall fan palm trees came down on the temple grounds.

 This power pole is a few blocks from the temple.

The banana trees came down in our back yard.  You could say that nearly every banana tree in the path of the wind came down.  They are not very strong plants at all.

Our AP's and two Zone Leaders were proselyting near the University of Ghana when the storm hit.  They were driving a mission truck and hit some standing water, hydroplaned and skidded into a large curb. Fortunately, no other vehicle was involved and no one was hurt. President and Sister Heid went to the accident scene and said the occupants had to have been protected by angels.  The truck frame was severely damaged; the tires were ripped off on impact.  They were very lucky the truck stayed upright and did not flip over.  We believe the truck is a total loss.

Sister missionaries were invited to attend the temple this week.  They decided to dress alike!
Well, one sister didn't get the "uniform" memo!!

Stan hands Elder Jones 10,000 Ghana cedis ($2500 US) to reimburse him for medications, medical visits, labs, etc., for missionaries.  Sister Jones is the mission nurse.  Sometimes clinics and pharmacies will take the church insurance card and sometimes cash is the only acceptable form of payment. 

Elder Whiting had some medical challenges and it was determined that it would be best if he was released a few months early from his mission and return home.  President invited his district to come to the departure devotional and say farewell.

Elder Whiting was a frequent visitor to the office.

Thursday was Missionary Leadership Council.  We usually meet in a Conference room at the Area Office, but there were no rooms available.  President decided we could "squeeze" in the training room at the Mission Home.  We liked the intimate setting, but maybe the missionaries were too relaxed!

 President Heid is at the top of the picture.  There was a tv screen set up to show video clips from a missionary conference.

Our AP, Elder Koronikalou, encouraged the missionaries to be unified and work together. He demonstrated how a seemingly impossible task can be completed with cooperation.  He had two of the smallest elders in the MLC group try to lift him.  (He is a large Islander rugby player.) Individually, they were not able to accomplish the feat, but together it was much easier!  
Sister Heid is enjoying the demonstration in the background.

A missionary needs to "fuel" up.  Rice and chicken for 8 cedis...$2 US

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